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Hauke Hunger

Hauke Hunger

Hauke Hunger


My name is Hauke Hunger, 55 years old. As IT GRC Manager and Information Security Officer, I am part of the Processes and IT service unit. This service area reports to the management and is responsible for advising and coordinating both Lehmann&Voss&Co. KG and the LEHVOSS Group, a company that supplies chemical and mineral specialties.

As an economist, I decided to specialize in information technology and have continued this path in my professional career from software development to project and IT management to my current field of activity. I see my strengths particularly in the mediation and moderation of professional and technical interests.

As an ISO, I have the task of identifying and effectively protecting the company's critical assets. This requires regular training and participation in the latest specialist conferences in order to apply and take into account the requirements of laws and regulations within the company.

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